Baby Eczema 101 – All Your Questions Answered.

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All of your questions about baby eczema answered and how you can bring some relief to your little one’s itchy skin.

We know how annoying eczema can be as adults, and that’s even with all of the tools and know-how at our disposal to help soothe it. Imagine then, when a baby has to suffer through the same condition? Baby eczema is extremely common for little ones to get, and can be incredibly tough for them to deal with as they have no way of scratching themselves or seeking out relief.

Symptoms and Diagnosis of Baby Eczema

Symptoms and diagnosis of baby eczema is actually quite common in this age group, and the first sign of this condition will usually show up before your child turns two. Although it can occur quite a bit when they’re younger, it doesn’t always mean they’ll be doomed to a life of itching and suffering. The signs and symptoms of baby eczema are quite easy to spot. However, parents often misdiagnose or guess for themselves what the problem could be. Here are some things to look out for that signal baby eczema on your little one:

Because it can be hard to pinpoint exactly what your child is suffering from, it’s always best to take them to a medical professional for a checkup and diagnosis. From there, you will be able to use the right approach in order to resolve the condition.

  • Itching or scratching
  • Red, scaly patches of skin
  • Marks on elbows, cheeks, knees weeping, cracking or bleeding skin when the condition progresses

The Causes of Baby Eczema

Eczema is one of those conditions that can occur from multiple causes, so finding just one area or issue is challenging. We can try to reduce their contact with certain things or limit their food intake to restrict possible allergens, but it’s also best to treat their skin and help soothe the itching in the meantime. Children with eczema usually come from families that have also experienced it as well, and it is considered to have a genetic basis. You’ll also often find that children with other allergies will be more prone to suffering from eczema as well, so it’s not always due to an outside cause. However, here are some potential causes that could be the root of your child’s eczema condition:

  • After exposure to the sun, viral or bacterial infections, and animal fur
  • Being too hot or feeling stressed and upset
  • Eating foods that they might be allergic to including dairy or nuts
  • Irritating chemicals found in laundry detergent or perfumes

As you can see, there’s no one cause for eczema or one thing in particular that can cause it to flare up which is why it’s tough to pinpoint. Therefore, finding relief or treatment for them that can ease the itching is the best we can do as parents.

What Treatments Are Available For Babies?

Due to the softness and sensitivity of a baby’s skin, it’s not recommended to treat them with the harsher creams and medicines that we might apply to an adult with eczema. Therefore, finding something that’s natural and soothing is ideal when looking for baby eczema remedies. Commonly, adults are prescribed harsh steroid creams for their eczema, and in recent years these creams have even been prescribed to babies as an infant eczema remedy as well. Although seemingly harmless when applied, they work by thinning out the skin which can have dramatic effects on the already sensitive skin of babies and toddlers. So, what to use for baby eczema? A natural approach like Shea Butter from our Organic Skincare range ticks all of the boxes for what’s safe and soothing on our little one’s skin. This thick buttery consistency cream is all natural, and in fact edible so that you don’t have to worry about what hidden nasty ingredients might be applied to your baby’s skin.

Helping Our Little Ones Find Relief

There’s nothing worse than seeing your child suffer, and if you’ve experienced eczema before in your life, then you’ll know that it truly can be a painful experience. Although there are plenty of options out there for adults that involve harsh chemicals and ingredients, these simply aren’t suitable for children and babies, and most of the time aren’t even suitable for the adults they’re prescribed for. Choosing a natural approach like one offered by Organic Skincare means that you’ll feel a peace of mind you’re soothing and treating their condition, without applying any nasty or harsh chemicals on their body. As they grow older and hopefully grow out of condition, you’ll know that you did your best to keep their precious skin preserved and ease them from the itching that eczema brings.

One of the most troubling things about babies getting eczema or any other skin condition such as this is that there are inadequate options out there for how to treat it. Many products and medications are targeted at adults, and as parents, there’s no way we’d want to put anything harsh on the sensitive and special skin of our babies.


Although there’s nothing we can do about eczema to prevent it from occurring, and there is no eczema cure for babies or adults, we can make the right choice to choose natural products to alleviate symptoms such as redness and itchiness causing flare ups. When it comes to our little ones well being, there’s nothing we should stop at to ensure they’re being taken care of to the best of our ability.

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